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EIA Statement on Capitol Riot

On January 6th, as Congress gathered for the official certification of electoral votes in the U.S. presidential election, armed white supremacists and rioters broke into the House and Senate chambers, forcing elected officials, journalists, and others to flee. The violent mob, emboldened and encouraged by President Trump and his supporters, was intent on subverting the will of U.S. citizens who voted in record numbers during a lawful election to choose their representatives and the president. To date, five deaths may have resulted from this act of domestic terrorism. Not only was law enforcement woefully unprepared to confront the rioters, much of its response was in stark and appalling contrast to the excessive force used against peaceful Black Lives Matter protests over the summer. EIA condemns the unlawful and violent assault on our democracy. Foreign leaders, countries, and citizens have expressed shock and outrage at the events of last week. We stand in humble solidarity with our partners around the world campaigning to protect their democratic institutions, as we call upon the U.S. Congress to uphold our democratic processes, to investigate and hold accountable the perpetrators and instigators of this vicious and criminal attack, including President Trump.

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