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EIA Statement on Anti-AAPI Hate

With horrific acts of anti-Asian violence and racially-motivated crime on the rise in the U.S., EIA wants to join those expressing their outrage and support for Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. We also specifically want to call out the reality of anti-Asian bias within the environmental movement. EIA believes that every organization and individual fighting for the environment must root out, confront, and combat all forms of prejudice and hate they encounter.

EIA’s investigations routinely expose a global system of consumption, corruption, and crimes against nature. We often follow the trade of illicit goods throughout the global supply chain, which includes all continents. It remains fact that throughout history, white-dominated nations, empires and economic systems have driven us into the ruts of environmental degradation and destruction from which we, as a global community, are now working so hard to lift ourselves.

At EIA, we stand with the Asian-American community in loud opposition to racism and xenophobia in this country, and assert our commitment to actively counter racism and prejudice within the global environmental movement, wherever and whenever we find it.

Banner image adapted from Stop AAPI Hate.

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